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New lost cat tips from a professional lost cat finder.

Hundreds of lost cats have been found thanks to this instant "How to Find a Lost Cat" kit.


You can see from the notes below, these lost cat tips go way beyond the "Typical Six" everyone hears: Check the shelters, notify vets, put up lost cat posters, shake treats, litter box outside and post on social media."

Every day, another cat owner tells me none of these things worked and how they wish they'd found my guides sooner. 


Once they learn the right method for their situation and find their cat, I love getting the happy reunion photos and sweet thank-you notes like these!

The Lost Cat Finder with Carol and her found kitty Menchi in Austin Texas
Lost Cats Found: 
Happy Reunions & thank you notes.

"Kim! I'm thrilled to report I found my missing cat this morning! Thank you for creating your "lost cat tips." That was the best $25 bucks I've spent in my life!"

~ Linda in Anchorage, Alaska ​​

​​"I want you to know I searched for my cat for over two months. Did all the usual stuff people on Nextdoor advise with zero luck. 

Finally, an admin from a lost pets Facebook group recommended your booklet, so I ordered it. I will be sending our reunion story soon. You will be amazed! For now, here's our happy reunion picture!"

~ Roni and Odin, Oklahoma

"Kim! You are truly an animal angel! I'm beyond grateful to have Oliver back home. What a happy ending to a VERY stressful 16 days.

Forever in gratitude that you are in this world to help confused, sad, super-distraught pet parents like me."

 ~ Rainbeau Mars
     Beverly Hills, California

lost cat found Finn

So glad someone told me about your Lost cat tips on our Lost & Found pets Facebook page. I wish I had known about you sooner."

​I will be recommending you every chance I get! You would be shocked but EVERYONE told me to put out the kitty litter. Even the girl at the shelter. Then I had 3 neighbors say that “your lost cat was probably eaten by coyotes"you warned about. Thank you for your expert advice based on facts plus guiding us to fnd our kitty despite the lame advice and mean comments!

~ Alyana and Finn, Austin TX

Thank you for writing such a helpful booklet! What an eye-opener. I had been doing so much wrong. Once I got your stuff and changed up my strategy, I found her THAT DAY! 

 I'm now recommending you to everyone posting lost cats in California!"

-Dana, Santa Cruz, CA

"Kim! Thanks to your lost cat tips, I found my cat today!  I had searched for a week and literally thought I had done everything until I read your materials --especially that section on how to find a skittish indoor cat. Thank you for your search guides. God bless you!"

-Rhonda, Montgomery, AL

Instant access to new lost cat tips created by

the only pet detective for cats only.


Part 1  

Indoor cat or outdoor cat?

3 tricks to make your cat come home

Top 5 Steps within 48 Hours

Why the first 10 days are key

Typical lost cat behavior

Recovery trategy for each type of Cat

Part 2  

Myths and misinformation

What NOT to Do

Grief avoidance & tunnel vision

Microchip Mmsconceptions

When to use search parties

Focus past the panic

The dangers of cookie-cutter advice

Wildlife, stray cats and food fights

Finders keepers?

Part 3  

Places you’d never think to look

The Indoor Cat Search

The Outdoor Cat Search

Photos: key cat hiding places

How to search with fresh eyes

Search tricks based on cat type

Dealing with the emotional pain 

Cats with a double life

Ranking your missing cat probabilities

Part 4 

Rainproof materials for posters and flyers

Flyers vs posters and psychology of each

Ideal flyer size & wording to get attention

To offer a Reward or not?

An improved Lost Cat flyer template

Ideal headline for a Lost Cat poster 

Smart new way to waterproof lost cat posters 

Part 5  

How to set your search zone

The 9 key questions for neighbors 

The new technique for searching garages

A cat's vision and how it affects your search

Using Nature as your guide.

Fur evidence and clues

Signs of coyotes and other predators

How to stay focused and positive 

Part 6  

Lost Cat Search Gear: the key search equipment

Where to put humane traps and how to set up

Best bait options depending on your geography

Problems with neighbor bully cats

Catnip as bait, good or bad?

Traps: tricks, tips and troubleshooting

Dealing with raccoons, ants and coyotes

Part 7  

Online lost pet finder services 

Lost Pet Alert and Pawboost: helpful or scams?

Reputable lost pet notification options

The pros & cons of hiring a K9 lost pet tracking dog

Part 8  

Sightings and texts: What to ask so they don't ghost you

A Positive Sighting!  What to do next in order

The safe way to capture and contain a skittish cat 

Part 9  

FOUND! First Aid & reintroductions once kitty is back home 

How to avoid the "Re-feeding Sickness Syndrome"

Hepatic Lipidosis: liver and kidney failure

Part 10

Additional tips & key reminders

Rethinking your search from a cat’s-eye view

Reminders on what to AVOID in a search

Case stories & Inspiring rescues...... pg 63

Recommendation from the pioneer in pet detective
Lost Pet Tracking and K9 Search & Rescue

"Kim is a WIZARD at finding lost cats!"


I  personally know many of Kim's amazing recoveries of lost cats.

Although a search dog can be a great tool, it is more critical that you get advice/counsel from someone like Kim who is trained in lost cat probabilities and behavior than to rush to get a pet detective with a search dog. 


I have been in this business (of using search dogs to find lost pets) since 1998, but if my cat were missing, I would hire Kim in a heartbeat. Her  company is Lost Cat Finder. If you have lost a cat, I strongly suggest getting her help. 

Kat Albrecht, K9 Tracker & pioneering Pet Detective

Founder of Missing Pet Partnership

Lost Cat tips guaranteed to get your missing cat home.

These insider pet finder tips plus the "show & tell" video makes this combo pack the most useful collection of lost cat techniques ever assembled.


"How to Find a Lost Cat" starts with the key DOs and DON'Ts for a lost cat search (example, the dirty litter box and shaking treats has been proven to be a big no-no) then lays out new tested, proven methods, all organized, all in one place. 


For just $25 you'll triple the chances of finding your cat.


I look forward to hearing your happy reunion story!

Kim Freeman

The Lost Cat Finder

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