The Pet Detective for Missing Cats

How do you find a lost cat with many shelters closed to the public and neighbors not answering the door? Social media is no longer enough. The new challenges of finding a lost cat in 2021 call for new techniques and smarter methods.


Back when my own cat, Mr. Purr went missing, I remember the panic, stress, and sleepless nights. I also remember a lot of old wives tales that wasted time when his life was in danger. Thanks to new research, I found my missing cat. I also found my life's work.

Now, 8 years later, recovering missing cats is all I do. After finding hundreds of lost cats all over the world, I've condensed all my best tips, tricks, discoveries and strategies to help other owners cut through the bad advice and old wives tales to find their cats quickly.


Because finding missing cats is my full-time job, I focus & refine my methods every year, always updating my techniques.

After nearly a decade of real-life pet detective experience, I know what works.


You could even say I've got it down to a science.

How to Find a Lost Cat book video

"How to Find a Lost Cat" gives you instant access to the latest in lost cat advice from the only full-time cat detective in the country.

The video tutorial "How to Find a Lost Cat" shows you the best new techniques for recovering indoor cats who get out,  plus how to track and find missing outdoor cats. ​Recent updates include how to find lost cats despite the challenges of 2020 with people not answering the door or letting you search their yards.

When you request the Lost Cat Finder Search Guides, the one-hour video and booklet are instantly delivered via email so you can start using all the tips and tricks right away.

As soon as your lost cat is home, share your story and photo so I can add celebrate with you and add your story to our Lost Cat Happy Reunions page!



Looking for help from a professional pet detective ASAP? 

Now you can get all my search tips plus a live consultation via Facetime or Zoom.

To get a Lost Cat session, you'll need to get me the facts I need to solve your case. It might seem like an unnecessary step, but it gives me all the clues to know where to look and the best method for your particular situation.


As soon as you order a consult, my two search tip guides are delivered to your email so you can start using all my tips and tricks right away. In 85% of cases, the cat is found within an hour, so if you find your cat before our Zoom consult I will refund you the consult portion and celebrate with you -- jsut sent me a reunion photo!

My boots-on-the-ground  "pet detective" techniques are a combination of various skills that all come to gether to find missing cats. It's part cat psychology, part wildlife tracking, and probability deduction plus years of solving actual  lost cat cases, and finding key high-tech tools and equipment.

If you have a lost cat, you may have already tried the typical lost dog advice or fallen for the many myths about getting a missing cat back home. When none of these work, lost cat owners realize they need a real pet detective.

Although I was trained as a pet finder (full spectrum  MAR pet detective) for lost dogs, cats, birds, horses, and even ferrets, my niche specialty has been lost kitties for 8 years and counting.

As a result, I'm now known as "the Cat Detective" and specialize in only lost cat cases.


On-site lost cat services are on hold due to Virus but personal coaching is available to special cases who have already covered the basics from my "How to Find a Lost Cat" Search guides..

Lost cats found...Happy reunions & testimonials...Some of the smiles I've brought to cat owners all over the world. for their stories, visit my happy reunions page to get the full scoop.  You'll find happy endings for lost kitties found after weeks, months, and even years. Inspiring!

New ways to find lost cats based on years of actual boots on the ground pet finder experience.

My lost cat finder techniques may seem unusual at first. That's because many are new, not the old myths you've heard from the local "armchair experts."  Just try my methods, and you will  actually triple the chances of finding your missing kitty.


This booklet/ video combo has gotten thousands of lost cats found after owners had tried all the typical advice like putting out food and kitty litter, big rewards, posting on social media and Pawboosting like crazy.


It was these new proven scientific pet detective tips that finally got their lost cats found.


Try my techniques.  It will be well worth the $25 to get your missing cat back home.

The latest discoveries on finding lost cats written by a professional lost cat finder.

  • Smart new techniques proven to triple the chances of finding lost kitties.

  • Different tips for a lost indoor lost cat vs finding a missing outdoor cat.

  • Top 3 tips to get an escaped cat home within 24 hours.

  • Instant delivery video tutorial + search guide via email..

So yes, for just 25 bucks, you will get your cat found.

You just need to know how.

Because when it comes to finding a missing cat,

the more you know, the better your chances.


The Cat Detective as seen on

CBS Morning News: The Cat Detective featured on the news after lost cat Menchi was found. "Pet Detective Kim Freeman tells us How to Find Lost Cats  along with Henry, her Bloodhound pet tracking cat, Henry."

famous pet detective in the news

Kim & Henry

the sniffer Search Cat